Easter in Czech Republic


Easter is one of the oldest holidays. Originally, before Christianity, it was a celebration and welcoming of spring. One of the typical Czech easter customs onEaster Monday is, that the boys go from house to house with willow whips, that they made themselves and decorated with ribbons and look for girls to whip them.The saying is that whipping makes girls healthy and beautiful. The girls will usually give them hand decorated eggs, something sweet or a shot of spirit
Traditional easter food is eggs, Easter bread, stuffing or roasted lamb.
Mazanec - Czech Easter bread (hot cross bun)
Czech Easter bread called Mazanec is a sweet sourdough bread with rum-soaked raisins and dried fruit and topped with slivered almonds. It's round with a cross on top, to represent Christ. It is one of the oldest types of pastry.
Although it's called stuffing, it's mainly prepared separately and only sometimes the mixture is stuffed in poultry. Stuffing can be made with meat or simply vegetarian. Traditional stuffing contains nettle and other herbs, smoked meat, pastries and eggs.
As many eggs are collected in the village during one day, they need to be used quickly. They are either eaten on their own or with bread, or used in different spreads, salads and more.
Easter lamb
Another traditional Easter bread is the Easter Ram, which is whipped dough poured into the shape of a sitting ram or lamb. It can be covered with chocolate glaze, sometimes with raisins.re